New to the Index for the ISR Med

The Israeli Mediterranean OHI+ assessment incorporated desalination of sea water into the Natural Products goal.

Since there are no known carbon-storing ecosystems in the Israeli Mediterranean, this goal was removed from the local assessment. 

New reference points and methods were developed for the Mariculture sub-goal of the Food Provision goal, the Natural Products goal, the Sense of Place goal, the Clean Water goal, the Habitats sub-goal for Biodiversity, the Sense of place sub-goal for Lasting Special Places, and for the Tourism and Recreation goal. More detailed and current data were used for the new calculations of many goal scores. Several goal calculations incorporate entirely new data layers.

Method Changes for the Following Goals
Differences in data availability in Israel compared with the data sets used for the global assessment have raised the need to develop new methods and set new reference points. Targets by public officials were set for several goals.