Major Findings

Israel scored 60 out of 100 on the Mediterranean assessment.
Israel is not maximizing all the ocean benefits that it could. While the area is clean, and while coastal economy and employment is developing with Israel's economy, there is considerable room for improvement.

Likely future scores suggest near-term improvements for most goals 
However, categories that are not likely to improve quickly include:

•    Iconic Species
•    Lasting Special Places
•    Species Biodiversity

Species Biodiversity, Clean Water and Livelihoods & Economies scored highest
The lowest scoring goals included:

•    Food provision (both Fisheries and Mariculture) 
•    Artisanal Fishing Opportunities
•    Lasting Special Places

Pollution management efforts are fruitful
Management of fishery will improve the Fisheries sub-goal, Artisanal Fishery scores, and most other scores. 

Much data exists, but so do data gaps 
Coastal economic and livelihood data collected in the upcoming years will enable a more precise assessment of this goal in the future, but the following data are still lacking: 
•    An ecological assessment of the state of rocky habitats is needed in order to include this important habitat in Coastal Protection and Biodiversity Goals.
•    Additional pollutant data, such as trash in the sea and organic compounds, would enable a better evaluation of the Clean Water goal.