About OHI+ for the Israeli Med.

The Ocean Health Index’s global ocean score is developed by the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) at the University of California. The adaptation of the Ocean Health Index for the Mediterranean Sea in Israel was completed by HaMaarag staff (Anat Tsemel, Aviad Sheinen, Hila Sgara, Harel Dan) in close collaboration with the NCEAS.
The information collected and the necessary adjustments were done in cooperation with leading scientists in the field of oceanography and with policy makers in various fields. This was closely monitored by Dr Yair Suari and Dr Ronit Yahel – for which we are very grateful.

 The index is a tool designed to promote an ocean management policy in Israel, and can demonstrate the change in ocean health over time and the effects of policy changes, such as increasing marine reserve areas or fishery management. Local objectives of the index components are based on the official goals of policy makers in every field, where relevant. 
This is the first time the Ocean Health Index has been independently adapted.