Organizational structure


Project chairmen: Prof. Uriel Safriel and Prof. Eran Feitelson from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem are continuing as chairmen and provide continual professional guidance.

Project management and coordination: Dr. Alon Lotan, project coordinator on behalf of HaMaarag.

Practical execution: scientists and experts from a range of relevant fields, including economics, society and life sciences, will conduct the knowledge collation and analysis and will write the different chapters, each team according to its expertise. The assessment process will include collation and synthesis of existing knowledge in order to present a broad picture of the given field, that is relevant to decision making, planning and policy design. Each chapter has between one and four leading authors, whose role is to recruit additional authors from fields relevant to the chapter’s subject, to coordinate work, to edit the chapter and to write parts of it.

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Project council: the project is guided by a council that comprises representatives of parties interested in the project and its outcomes. The council represents the range of interested parties for which ecosystem assessment is relevant to their field of activity.

The council’s role is to give feedback and direction to the project’s professional and management staff with respect to the structure and content of the project and the operational process. This will facilitate production of relevant and clear outcomes for the target audiences who are themselves members of the council.

Council members represent the target audiences of the project’s outcomes. As such, their role is to provide diverse perspectives to highlight the aspects they believe should be given emphasis during the assessment processes, feedback on the content of the different chapters of the final report, and more. In this way the council members are involved in the project design process from its outset and during its execution. Furthermore, the member parties of the council can assist the project by providing relevant data for the assessment if such data are in their possession, and similarly by assisting with distribution of the project outcomes once published and with their implementation.