"Israel - National Ecosystem Assessment” Report

The outcome of the project is a report consisting of a series of 16 chapters, which will present information on the state and trends in the following issues:

  • The different services provided by each of the ecosystems in Israel
  • The biodiversity involved in production of these services
  • Vectors of change in service production

Similarly, the assessment outcomes will include:

  • Quantifying the contribution of ecosystem services to human well-being
  • Future scenarios – examining possibilities for future changes in service provision

Moreover, the assessment will contribute to identifying knowledge and information gaps, and to creating a baseline for monitoring future changes in ecosystem service provision.

The assessment will deal with information at two levels:

  1. Examining the state and trends of ecosystems in Israel and the services provided by each one.
  2. Examining the state and trends of the different services at the national level, and a comparative perspective on provision of these services by the different ecosystems in Israel.

Prior to publishing, the project’s outcomes will undergo a strict peer-review process: Prof. Motty Shechter, who has been involved in the project from its planning stages, was appointed to the role of peer-review editor. His role will be to appoint reviewers for the different chapters and to supervise the commenting process and the response to the comments. Drafts of the chapters will undergo strict peer-review which will be accompanied by close monitoring of the treatment of comments received. Beyond the professional peer-review, advanced drafts of the different chapters will be sent to interested council members for examination, comments and direct feedback, towards the end of the chapter-writing period.