HaMaarag – Israel’s National Ecosystem Assessment Program

HaMaarag is Israel’s National Ecosystem Assessment Program. This is a joint operation among organizations that are responsible for natural resource management in Israel as well as independent scientists, and operates under the auspices The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History שמג Tel Aviv University.

HaMaarag began its operations in 2006 and has been acting within its current framework since 2011. Since its establishment, HaMaarag’s primary mission has been to assess the state of nature in Israel for knowledge-based management of open landscapes and biodiversity.

The partners of HaMaarag include: The Ministry of Environmental Protection, The Nature and Parks Authority, Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael – the Jewish National Fund, and it is supported by a private fund and by the Heritage Project of the Prime Minister’s Office.


Objectives and Vision

HaMaarag aspires to contribute to the advancement of knowledge-based management of open spaces and natural resources, via continuous production of scientific knowledge on the state of ecosystems and biodiversity in Israel. This knowledge will be accessible both to decision-makers and to the general public. Correct planning of land use and intelligent management of open landscapes will contribute to human well-being and to long-term sustainability of nature in Israel.

HaMaarag’s activities include operating long-term programs that are interconnected and mutually supportive. The information stored by HaMaarag, which is obtained directly from work conducted by HaMaarag or by its partners, is intended to be used by all bodies dealing with open landscape management.


Operating Principles

HaMaarag’s operations are based on three core principles:

  1. Professional excellence: HaMaarag strives to ensure that all its products will meet the highest scientific standards. To this end, HaMaarag works in concert with the academic community in Israel and around the world to develop the operations conducted by HaMaarag and subjects its products to strict scientific review.

2.Relevance: HaMaarag’s programs are designed to create basic knowledge that can be used by decision-makers for open landscape management and to promote sustainable development. Research projects deal not only with continuous changes to open landscapes, but also with burning environmental issues and with the relationship between humans and ecosystems. In this way they provide a solid, up-to-date research base for decision-makers.

Independence and transparence: HaMaarag aspires to provide reliable and objective knowledge to the general public, thereby enabling accessibility to scientific data on the state of the environment in Israel to all interested parties. HaMaarag provides the public with unlimited access to all of its products and raw information.