Sustaining Marine-related Jobs
The Livelihoods sub-goal addresses how well the identity and livelihoods provided by marine-related sectors are sustained. It is measured by the number of marine-related jobs relative to a country’s growth (or decline) in employment rates over the last five years. In order to capture job quality, per capita wages for marine sectors are also measured relative to the national average of per-capita wages for all sectors. Jobs are summed across sectors because people may shift their occupation from one sector to another, but still remain involved in the marine-related economy overall. The marine sectors evaluated for jobs and/or wages are: 1) commercial fishing and mariculture 2) tourism and recreation
About this score

The jobs portion of the sub goal uses a no-net-loss reference point, which means that jobs must keep pace with national trends in employment. The reference point for wages is that the per capita marine wages in each country, after adjustment for purchasing power parity, are compared to wages in the country with the current best standing.

The current score indicates that there has been no net loss in the number of marine jobs or level of marine wages in Israel over the past five years compared to these reference points.