Coastal Protection

Preserving habitats that safeguard shores
Tidal flats and rocky reefs provide natural shore breakers. A wide sandy shore is the habit that provides biological coastal protection on the Israeli Mediterranean shore (we do not evaluate protection afforded by human-made or geological features). This goal measures the condition and extent of habitats that protect the coasts against storm waves and flooding.
About this score

The Sandy Shore
The condition of the sandy shore was estimated according to its areal extent in recent (2012) mapping, compared with the 1970 areal extent. The trend was calculated by comparing with the 2006 areal extent.

Coastal Protection – Rocky Habitats
There was no available data regarding the condition of the rocky reefs or tidal flats. Therefore, the coastal protection by rocky habitats was not included in this assessment.

A score of 100 would indicate that these habitats are all still intact or have been restored to the condition they were in during 1970. Any score below 100 indicates that these habitats have declined in coverage or in health since then, with lower scores indicating more significant declines.

Current Score

The current score indicates that although, in many places, these habitats remain healthy and intact, the extents the sandy shore have been substantially reduced when compared to the 1970 reference year.

changes to the sandy shore next to coastal infrastructure