Clean Waters

Minimizing Pollution
Water pollution harms human health, livelihoods, and recreation, as well as the health of marine life and habitats. Clean Waters measures the degree to which waters are polluted by eutrophication (excess nutrients), chemicals, pathogens, and trash.
About this score

The reference points for this goal were set as:

Chemicals- heavy metal concentration in coastal fish below the Israeli Ministry of Health guideline recommendation as of 2009.

Pathogens -Enterococi below the Israeli Ministry of Health threshold values.

Nutrients- Nitrate below 0.6 micro Molar

Trash-  70% of the beaches "clean" to "very clean" according to "Clean beach index". This last reference point is according to Israel ministry of environmental protection " Yam ve Hofim" unit target of 70% of the beaches to be "clean" to "very clean", 70% of the time. 

This goal score is higher when the pollution of estuarine, coastal, and open ocean waters is minimized. The goal score is lower when there are high levels of pollutants.
Current score 
The current score indicates that the beach and ocean may have lower levels of pollutants than anticipated, and that management effort have been fruitful.