Artisanal Fishing opportunities

Ensuring access to Artisanal fishing for local communities
This goal measures whether people who need to fish on a small, local scale have the opportunity to do so. The reference point for Artisanal Fishing Opportunities is that all demand for artisanal fishing is allowed and/or achieved and that the fishing is done in a way that doesn't compromise future fishing resources.
About this score

Artisanal fishery is limited by fish resources in Israel. The exploitation status of coastal fish species was calculated using the exploitation categories: Developing, Fully Exploited, Overexploited, Collapsed, and Rebuilding. These categories are modeled on those used by the FAO, and calculated using algorithms developed by the Sea Around Us Project, using the current landings relative to the historical peak catch and the trend for each species. 

This score means that the artisanal fishery is in jeopardy, due to overexploitation of fish resources. 

Artisanal (small scale) fishery supports 1000 Israeli families