The Assessment Council

List of members and their representatives

Government Ministries

Ministry of Environmental Protection Sinaia Netanyahu, Chief Scientist
Ministry of the Interior Lior Glick, Sea and Coastal Division, Planning Administration
Ministry of Agriculture Avi Perl, Chief Scientist
Ministry of Health Itamar Grotto, Head of Public Health Services
Ministry of Economy Doron Avrahami, Director of the Environment and Sustainable Development Administration
Ministry of Tourism Carmit Kedmi-Pintz, Director of the Physical Planning Division
Ministry of Science, Technology and Space Avi Anati, Deputy Director General for Planning and Control
Ministry of Education Ofer Rimon, Director of Science and Technology Administration

Local Government

Association of Regional Councils Uriel Ben-Haim, Agriculture, Sustainability and Environment
Megiddo Regional Council Hanan Erez, Council Head
Jerusalem Municipality Naomi Tsur, Deputy Mayor
Ra’anana Municipality Batya Alfasi, Director of Environmental  Projects Department

Public Institutions

Nature and Parks Authority Avi Uzan, Aquatic Habitat Ecologist
Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael – Jewish National Fund Yahel Porat, Forestry Division Ecologist
Israel Land Authority David Deshen-Deutsch, Senior Manager for Feedback, Planning and Feasibility Surveys
Central Bureau of Statistics Moshe Yanai, Head of Agriculture and Environment
Israel Defense Forces Eyal Ezra, Head of Environmental Protection Administration
Survey of Israel Shimon Barzani, Head of Technologies Division
Israel Water Authority Micky Zaide, Strategic Planning Engineer, Planning Division
Yarqon River Authority Yonatan Raz, Yarqon River Authority Ecologist

Civil Society

Life and Environment Naor Yerushalmi, Executive Director
Society for Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) Alon Rothschild, Biodiversity Coordinator
Friends of the Earth Middle East Youval Arbel, Deputy Director
Maala – Business for Social Responsibility Momo Mahadav, Director
Citizens for the Environment in the Galilee Liora Amitay, Director and Partner
Eco- and Sustainable Tourism Israel Michal Wimmer-Luria, CEO
Open Landscape Institute  Yoav Sagi, Director
Heschel Sustainability Center Lia Ettinger, Process and Content Development 


  Ram Belinkov, Former Director General of the Ministry of Interior and Head of the Budget Department  in the Ministry of Finance
Assif Strategies Ltd Noam Gressel, CEO
URBIS Yoel Siegel, Representative in Israel
  Arc. Dina Rachevsky, Former Head of the Planning Administration, Ministry of the Interior

Business and Industry Sector

Manufacturers Association of Israel
Nir Kantor, Director of the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Society

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