Accessibility Declaration

The objective of making the Hamaarag website accessible is to create a website that is available, convenient and user friendly for people with hand or vision disabilities and people who have difficulty in operating a computer or the Internet and to enable all to surf the site easily and quickly and to benefit from the content at the site.

Means of Accessibility at the Website

Standardization: The website is supported by standard browsers. Support for Internet Explorer is from version 10 and higher.

Enlarging the display at the website: Those web surfers who have vision impairments and who which to enlarge the display at the website, can do so by simultaneously pressing the “Ctrl” and “+” (control and plus) keys. To decease the size of the website, simultaneously press the “Ctrl” and “-” (control and minus) keys.

Surfing the website using a keyboard: Those web surfers who have difficulty in operating a mouse can surf the website using a keyboard. Repeated pressing of the Tab key will toggle round the various links at the website. Links that shorten the way to navigate, to the content and to website map appear at the top of each page. Pressing enter will activate the highlighted link.

Access Arrangements:

We will continue to preserve and improve the level of accessibility of the website from a perspective of equality of rights and equality of opportunity for all.

Should you, in any case, come across a difficulty, we will be happy to receive any response, idea and suggestion on the matter via email.